Creating Dissertation Titles In Education: Tips And Ideas

Education is a very broad and complex notion. It encompasses various aspects of studying, learning, upbringing, growth and development. Problems of education can be viewed through the prism of Philosophy, Psychology, Physiology, History, Geography, Science, etc.

When you are formulating a dissertation title, you should think about the angle to study the notion from. Taking into account the topic you are going to research, single out the keywords of the work and include them in the title. It should not be too long and verbose, but should reveal the main problem of the research.

In the list below you can find some interesting ideas of dissertation titles in education, grouped according to different categories, the notion can be studied within.

History and Philosophy

  • Education in the Ancient Time

  • Philosophical Ideas of the Renaissance in the Education System

  • Changes in the European Education after the Scientific Revolution

  • Development of University Education in Medieval Europe


  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Asian Education of the 21st Century

  • Peculiarities of Australian Formal Education

  • Modern Problems of Homeschooling in Africa

  • Traditional British Education System


  • Adult Psychology of a High School Student

  • Psychology as a Mandatory Subject at Universities

  • Psychological Peculiarities of Preschool Education

  • Psychological Aspects of Single Sex and Unisex Education Systems


  • Implementation of Digital Technologies in the Learning Process

  • Technological Education Projects for the Developing Countries

  • Online Education as an Alternative for the Modern School

  • Artificial Intelligence as an Education Tool


  • Modern Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

  • Communicative and Situational Approaches in the Present Day Education

  • Peculiarities of Modern Post-graduate Education

  • Modern Ideas of Progressive Education


  • Sedentary Education as a Problem of the 21st Century Schooling.

  • Peculiarities of the American National Health Education Standards.

  • Physical Education and Its Importance in the Junior and High schools.

  • Importance of Vacations for Students’ Health.

Creating a title for a dissertation is the first and very responsible task. To do it effectively, it is necessary to consider the topicality and relevance of your future research. The title should stress the novelty and importance of your work, pinpoint the key problems that will be discussed in the course of the paper, and hint the reader at what to expect from the research. It should contain the key words, representing the notions under discussion. The titles mentioned in this article exemplify the successful formulation and demonstrate how education-related notions can be studied. It might be useful in the process of creating your own dissertation title.

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