Top 23 Fresh Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

A dissertation topic should entice a reader to go deeper into the paper. It should ignite such a high level of curiosity that the reader decides to drop everything to read your work. This is not always the case because most writers have not discovered the trick to getting an excellent topic.

  • Make it Interesting

    While academic work is a serious endeavor, it is meant for human beings. It is the nature of a person to desire interesting engagements. An interesting topic will capture the attention of the reader ensuring that he reads it to the last letter. Find an attractive twist that will make your work interesting to read.

  • Look for Fresh Ideas

    Every field of study is evolving. This points at new areas of study instead of writing on the traditional topics. Search for fresh ideas in research recommendations, news items or consult your tutor. Common topics are very predictable unless you have a new twist to provide in your work.

  • Choose Your Words Well

    The words you use for your topic will determine the reception the dissertation receives. Choose words that resonate with the industry. Further, ensure that the words are effectively ordered to reflect your desired position on the subject.

  • Stick to Your Area of Interest

    Interest plays a major role in shaping any academic paper. It provides the insight and drive you require to produce the best paper. It is easier to put long hours in compiling a paper in an area you are passionate about.

    Here is a list of excellent dissertation topics to consider

  1. The effects of an open-market policy on developing countries

  2. The impact of extensive expansion to telecommunication in development

  3. How to prevent re-laps in substance abuse

  4. The effectiveness of controlled withdrawal from drugs

  5. Risk management in a media sensitive business world

  6. Effective financial cushion for mega projects

  7. Recovering from a damaging scandal through marketing

  8. Cultural sensitivity in market entry and how it determines the level of success

  9. Managing tech savvy employees of the y-generation

  10. Mitigating the risks of exposure to technological risks

  11. Baby care in work places

  12. Intellectual property and employee duties

  13. The future of fossil fuel

  14. Genetic engineering and its place in shaping the future of humanity

  15. Effective anti-money laundering policies

  16. Business involvement in international politics

  17. The human resource factor in globalization

  18. The impact of HIV-AIDS on micro insurance in Africa

  19. Politics in Europe

  20. Immigrant crisis

  21. The next financial crisis

  22. Sustainable development

  23. Religion and politics

What To Do If Tutorials Are Not Enough?

Ask For Advice

You will probably need some help on different stages of your writing process. For someone is difficult to edit his own text, someone need advice on topic or research materials. There are a lot of ways to get on and offline advice.